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Team Noa

Team Noa

Last year we celebrated Noa's birthday at the Friendship Walk and were thrilled and grateful that so many of our friends and family came out and / or donated. At the time, we had a feeling that Friendship Circle would be a crucial part of Noa's community support system, but we had not yet enrolled Noa in any of FC's programs.

We are celebrating Noa's birthday again this year at the Friendship Circle Walk on September 11th. This year, however, we can attest to our personal experience with the Friendship Circle.

-Noa attended FC's Hebrew school on Sunday mornings, which gave our family a much needed 3 hour break from caretaking over the weekends and allowed us time to do activities with our other kids that Noa wouldn't be able to do. At Hebrew school, Noa is in an environment where she can celebrate her Judaism in her own way - by learning Hebrew songs, and making projects for upcoming holidays.
-Noa attended FC's weeklong summer camp which provided us with a respite during her month off from school and allowed her to socialize with new people in a new environment.
-Throughout the year, Noa participated in FC's Friends at Home program where teenagers come to our house to play with her. Aside from the respite it provided to her caretakers, it allowed the teenage volunteers to really get to know Noa. They formed a relationship with her, and Noa can feel how much they enjoy playing with her. It is special for us to see young people really appreciating Noa for the amazing child that she is.

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